2020 Vision (Social Justice)

January 2020,
our future, begun. Social Justice issues in 2019 were as demanding as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and any other civil/social activist would claim. Human trafficking and police brutality stood out just as great as any epidemic. Hurricanes and natural disasters have shaken the foundations of many homes and lifestyles within our communities. Historical entertainment icons have been criticized, scrutinized, exposed, and incarcerated. And, Politicians have been questioned. Nonetheless, we’ve seen many accomplishments by our mayor, rising artists, leaders and students in education, and socialites that rule our city streets.

For example, Megan Thee Stallion has performed on the most famous stages an upcoming artist could ever claim. Tobe Nwigwe brought about his own flavor to the rap game and graced the BET Awards Cypher with his loyal wife, family, and friends. Local socialites such as, G Mayniac, was awarded a day in the city by our mayor, Sylvester Turner, who helped to resolve our pension crisis, who has been elected for a second term. Our sports teams are flourishing. James Harden and his camp hosted a memorable weekend that entertained fans and provided scholarships for students. Heroes such as Trae Tha Truth and DJ Mr. Rogers aided residents in need of Hurricane Harvey relief. Businesses such as The Turkey Leg Hut have taken a lead in the the food and social industry here in Houston. The holiday seasons have come and gone only to be prepared for us again. And, there have been worthy achievements, too many to name, that will continue to shed an honest light on the grace of our great city.
Now, we’ve entered into a new decade. May our year, 2020, be as eventful and prosperous as we’ve imagined. SLEM, is dedicated to shedding light on our societies epic happenings, lifestyles, events, and media-worthy occurrences. Visit our site, social medias, and stay tuned.

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