Balls & Strikes… Who’s up Next?

Balls & Strikes… Who’s up Next?

By Samantha Hallenus
Twitter: @gumbobiz

   If you’re following baseball this year in Houston, you know the Astros are setting the pace and are in contention to head to another World Series.  They have won over 100 games in back-to-back seasons. Will success elude them or will they hit it out of the ballpark?

   Houston was at the top of their game with a championship showing at the 2017 World Series.  You might ask where do they stand in 2019? Well, Alex Bregman has 36 home runs this year. The top home run hitter, this year is from the Los Angeles Angels with for 45 home runs.  Will the Astros, Bregman catch up to Mike Trout’s total of home runs as they finish out post-season play? Other impressive statistics for the Astros include their two exceptional pitchers who rank at the top of the league for most strikeouts during games in the 2019 season.  Things look good as the Astros keep their opposition from getting on base in the American League.  

   The question is how can one predict who goes to the final round of play on the American League side.  Based on Instagram, the Yankees are preferred over the Astros. The Yankees have 2.3 million followers and the Astros are under 1 million in terms of followers.  The historical facts also favor the Yankees. They have won 18 division titles and have earned 27 World Series titles. The Astros and the Yankees continue to fight it out for the American League’s best record.  If you follow baseball statistics, you’ll have an exciting post season watching the stats on these two teams.

   In the National League, the Dodgers have had highlights from their rookies throughout the season.  The latest highlights include home runs that rookies have put up on the scoreboard.  Gavin Lux, who is 21 years of age, was called up when Max Muncy broke his wrist.  In only ten games of Major League play, he scored two home runs for the Dodgers.

   The Dodgers and the Braves have had strong showings in their divisions from the 1990s until now winning multiple divisional crowns.  So how do they match up on Instagram, the Los Angeles Dodgers are leading the Braves in terms of followers. The Dodgers have two million followers while the Braves have under one million.  The Dodgers lead Atlanta on the field too with the top record in the National League. The Dodgers are neck and neck with the Yankees and Astros for the overall best record.

  While the Dodgers might have some newbies mixed with veteran players, the Braves still have one of the most inexperienced and youngest teams in the league.  Certainly an additional year of seasoning may have ripened them for head to head games in post season against the Dodgers.  On the other hand, the Braves are without Johan Camaroo and Alex Jackson. Will this hurt their overall play in the post season?  Other injured players continue to be evaluated daily for post-season play. With adrenaline running high, those players may be eager to bounce back and get back on the ball field.

   For 143 years, the young and old have enjoyed a past time of mostly men waving a stick around their body to make contact with a ball.  Baseball has seen its share of controversy and changes over the years. Women even played professional baseball when the men were at war in 1943. The interest dwindled and the professional women’s league folded in 1954.  Could there be an interest in seeing the ladies play baseball again or do we just want to see the men slide into home plate? With some real women stars on the world baseball scene, “The Knuckle Princess” and Melissa Mayeux may be a nice addition to your favorite team.  What are your thoughts? Start a conversation with us.


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