Believing is Seeing (SLEM- November)

Believing is Seeing (SLEM- November)

SLEM Model Interview by: Samantha Hallenus
Twitter: @gumbobiz 

This month, SLEM Magazine features Tanisha Hendricks, an academic, lifestyle model, and Houston community leader who shares her inspirational insights with clients through her company, Motivate4Life.  Hendricks also serves as a business consultant, talent manager and motivational speaker. During an interview with SLEM, Hendricks discussed her journey and visions for her growing brand. 

Model’s Name:  Tanisha Hendricks
Hair color:  Black
Eye color:   Brown
Height:        5′ 2”
Weight:       167

#SLEM MAGAZINE: Have you always lived in Houston?
Tanisha Hendricks: I moved to the Houston area when I was eight years old from the U.S. Virgin Islands.

#SM: What educational institute did you last attend for schooling?
TH:  I graduated from Prairie View A & M University with a Master’s in Counseling.

#SM: What was your last modeling project?
TH:  My last modeling project was a music video for a regional rap artist.

#SM: How long have you been modeling?
TH:  I have been modeling without a break for a solid two years.

#SM: What do you hope to accomplish with your modeling and acting?
TH:  I got back into modeling to show that anyone can be a lifestyle model.  Modeling is not limited to a particular size or type.

#SM: Since you focus on single women as part of your services with Motivate 4 Life, what do you find is the biggest hurl or roadblock when it comes to women especially single moms from flourishing?
TH:  I find that women with a lack of a support system have the biggest challenge to truly achieve what it is they hope to achieve.

#SM: If a woman comes to you that has been affected by physical or emotional abuse, how do you advise or empower them?
TH:  I suggest for them to look into themselves.  Women must remember to love themselves and to step back from the situation.  They must look at both angles of the situation.  The lesson is in the experience. They need to examine what can they take from the situation. They have dealt with horrible situations and have made it through.  They are worthy.  Daily affirmations are extremely important.

#SM: What services do you offer to the community?
#TH: I offer training and coaching to entrepreneurs.  This could include focusing on areas of their businesses or on a source of life struggle.  We conquer what might be a roadblock to their success and move from that stage in their life to the next.  I have worked with lots of women to turn their hobbies into either part-time or full-time businesses and achieve self-sufficiency.  I hone in on an individual’s talents and skills to help them find out how they can flourish in their true calling.  I also frequently do motivational speaking and offer talent management services to artists, comedians and models.  

#SM: What community activities or groups do you participate in Houston?
TH:  I belong to the National Association of Professional Women and have participated in their activities in the community.

#SM:  How would you describe yourself?
TH:  I would describe myself as a fun-loving, down to earth, creative, outspoken and bubbly person.

#SM:  What would you describe as a challenge that you have or are working on overcoming?
TH:  My biggest challenge was learning how to become more outspoken.  When I moving into becoming an entrepreneur myself, I was very shy, timid and reserved.  I held back a lot.  I had to learn how overcome that and put myself out there. In learning this, I can now help others with those reservations.

Follow Tanisha on Instagram via @_diva_empress or via @motivate4life2015

Cell: (281) 740-4126

Stylist’s IG: @thickchic8
Photographer’s IG: @wbl_photography

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