ROBERT PRIMES “This Was Never My Dream” Exclusive Interview

by Kalvin Kosha

Robert Primes is a Socialite, native to Houston, TX, originally known as a talented football player. After graduating from Prairie View A&M University, he became most known for his hit single, “I Got A Problem” that became a viral hit via World Star Hip-Hop (WSHH) and Youtube, earning him over 1 million downloads and streams. Currently, he is the owner of a new hookah lounge in his own city, PRIMES HOOKAH LOUNGE.We asked Primes if he always wanted to own a lounge.

“I only had one dream in my life. And, that was to play football. And, that’s why I’ve come up with the quote that I have… “This was never my dream.”
Everything that I have ever accomplished wasn’t even my dream… But, I live my life like four quarters., and I live my life like a team.”

Robert Primes

Being a father of three and a man who’s experienced several hardships gives Primes a new outlook on what’s important to accomplish in life. Visit to read his exclusive interview. Primes gives an in-depth review of his past, present, and future goals for the empire he’s building. 

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SLEM: What’s your vision for PRIMES?
RP: A place where everybody is welcomed… I don’t just want to attract Blacks. I want to attract every race.

SLEM: What are some of the hardships you overcame that make you passionate about doing what you’re doing? …The education you got, how did that impact your ability to start this business… What did the education do to drive you?
RP: I live my life like a football player. I only had one dream in my life. And, that was to play football. That’s why I’ve come up with the quote that I have, ‘This was never my dream’. Because, everything that I’ve ever accomplished wasn’t even my dream… But, I live my life like four quarters, and I live my life as a team.
I played Receiver. So, without the quarterback, I can’t get the ball. For the quarterback to throw the ball, he needed the linemen.

RP: Actually, people don’t even know the story of how I got the building. I actually sat in that parking lot, right there, for a whole week until I’d seen a guy pull on that door, to see who’s the owner of this building, to see who’s the landlord over this property…
RP: …People ask me a lot, ‘Did you ever see yourself owning a hookah lounge? No, I did not. I rode by and I’d seen an opportunity. And, I took it.
I had one dream, to play football.
RP: …I will say this… I didn’t go to college to get a degree. I went to college for one thing, cause, I’m from Fifth Ward. I’m from the ghettos. I’m from the projects. So, I knew how to do one thing, to play football…
I have a degree now, And, honestly, I don’t care if I ever use it. I went there for one reason; to play football.
RP: I got hurt. I got a prison case… And, I use it just to show people… where you’re from, it don’t determine where you gon’ end up at.
My homeboys give me the excuse, ‘My daddy not there’.
Okay, my momma was there, but really wasn’t there… My daddy wasn’t there at all. That’s not an excuse.
RP: One thing I learned, when I say, ‘This was never my dream’, it’s more-so telling people that, ‘No matter what, your dream is not a dream. Your dream is in your mind’.
I had a dream to play football. That didn’t work. Guess what, I started dreaming of having the number one song in Houston. Guess what, I did that. I’m the only person in my family to graduate from college. I’m not better than them. I’m just telling them, ‘Stop giving excuses’.
RP: Education and a degree had nothing to do with it. You don’t have to have a degree to own your own business. It has to you. It has to be in you. Some people are meant to be followers. Some people are meant to be leaders. Which one are you?
RP: I got the three BYOBs of Life:
– Build Your Own Brand, Build Your Own Business, and Be Your Own Boss.

Interviewers: W. Anthony Patton (Founder/CEO – SLEM) & Kalvin Kosha (Project Mgr- SLEM)
Interviewed: Robert Primes (RP)

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“The THREE B.Y.O.Bs of LIFE: Build Your Own Brand, Build Your Own Business, and Be Your Own Boss.”

– Robert Primes | Owner of PRIMES HOOKAH LOUNGE

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I Got A Problem became a viral hit via WSHH & Youtube

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