SHINING – TP3 : A New Star is on the Rise

TP3, the son of W. Anthony Patton (Do-WAP Agency, L.L.C CEO/Founder), has finally stepped into the music industry with his all new song, SHINING, launched August 12th, 2019.

The lyrics are motivation for people of all ages, social classes, races, etc: "Keep it goin. No, I'm not stoppin'. Started small, but I'm climbing to the top. Never fall. No, I'm not droppin. Standin' tall; I'ma keep SHINING." And, let's not forget, little CeeCee, his sister who has some ad-libs to remind you who's got her brother's back: "Do-Wap Records, Baby! Let's GO!"

SHINING, co-wrote by mentor, Kalvin Kosha, and Trey Patton (TP3), produced by CMPLX, and engineered by Shawn Michaels (Circle Music Group), is currently available to listen & watch via YOUTUBE. The music video was shot & edited by Bobby J (B Photography 713).

Check Out this Exclusive Writers Session during the creating of "Shining"

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