Social Justice: Human Trafficking (SLEM December)

Author: Kalvin Kosha

Houston has been called out by officials as “ground zero for sex trafficking”, an ABC article provides.

Social media has been raving about the countless numbers of incidents involving youth and women whom have been victims of trafficking. Some cases include Lyft drivers, social media app and communications, bait & catch tactics used by traffickers, and several others to research. This holiday season could mean even more danger for women and children at most. The night outings and late-night shopping experiences could make them an even easier target for predatory traffickers.


Although we can’t be too sure about the “who, what, when, where,” or how the next occurrence will take place, it is important for people to always communicate with family and friends when leaving home (share locations, etc.), carry self-defense tools (i.e. pepper sprays, tasers), steer clear of suspicious people, activities, and circumstances, keep phones charged, and avoid being alone during night hours.

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