Social Justice “November: National Entrepreneurship Month”

President Barrack Obama declared the month of November as “National Entrepreneurship Month” during his first term in office. And, every year, on the third Tuesday of November, we celebrate “National Entrepreneur Day”.

The city of Houston and beyond is very prideful of its achievements and potential in business. Entrepreneurs make up the majority of the growing population of leaders in both our urban and sub-urban communities. Entrepreneurs in every category from food, to entertainment, education, and beyond have utilized new social media marketing resources and events to catapult their businesses into profitable dimmensions worthy of recognition.

There are several ways to celebrate and commemmorate.

  1. SUPPORT a local business/ brand: Pay for a service, promote their business via social media, and recommend them to new potential customers.
  2. LEARN about how to start your own business: Research and attend seminars / workshops.
  3. ENGAGE likeminded individuals with similar interests.
  4. MENTOR (if you are experienced) those new to the lifestyle.

visited SLEM TV as a guest to discuss his life as a child entrepreneur beginning in the mid-late 1960s, his Men Against Domestic Violence and Business Showcase event(s) centered on appreciating and teaching young women how to become entrepreneurs, on Saturday, October 26th, 2019, to kick off an early start to forecoming National Entrepreneurship Month in November.
*Special thanks to: Berry Dynamic Public Relations

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