Werrkkk! it’s only right that you do! Houston’s own, Tisakorean, a dancer turned artist/producer, makes it clear that his music will have you moving whenever the beat drops.

If you like to step out into some of Houston’s urban nightclubs and bars, you’re probably gonna have a chance to show your werkkkmanship and dance to some of his new and viral hits, like, “Dip”!

Tisa and Young Deji sat down with 979.9 The Box’s own, MadHatta, to discuss the creation of “Dip”, & “The Whoah”, the process leading to being signed to Atlantic Records before the age of 25. They also taught the 97.9 team how to hit “The Whoah”.

Young Deji remarked “I cried…” when seeing Travis Scott doing the dance on the famous show, SNL, that he, Young Deji, created: The Whoah.

When discussing 8jency, he made it clear that the “8” stands for “Create”.

“We do believe in hard work, but, we believe in smart work… We wanted to push out positivity…”- Tisa

Tisa made sure to address the fact that hits like “Dip” are not popcorn quick & takes time at the drawing board to cre8.


He tells us that “Tisakorean” came from the fact that he used to dance, was used to being called “T”, loved anime and the Korean culture via television entertainment, and thus, he formed his name thereof.

Tisakorean and his 8jency crew are on a futuristic wave for Houston. They’ve been the new pioneers and originators of a new wave of dance culture in the urban community, pushing out “positivity” and creativity that could easily continue to remain viral. As an 8jency crewmember remarked, “The kids love this”. We know that the children are the future, and as long as 8jency continues to cre8, the urban and outside communities will continue to be impacted.

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