Troy Rowland Acting Studio (SLEM-October)

MEET: Troy Rowland

What celebrity acting coach do you know who catches flights from Hollywood to Houston, TX & Atlanta, GA in order to train aspiring & up-and-coming actors at discounted prices? Well, if you don’t know, now you know. Meet, TROY ROWLAND.

Troy, one of Hollywood’s premier acting + life coaches, specializes in helping first-time actors, singers, comedians, rappers, and athletes perfect the craft of acting.

You may not know him by face, but you’ve definitely watched some shows he’s either helped produce, coach, or direct. Some of those shows include Hangin with Mr. Cooper, Living Single, The Steve Harvey Show, George Lopez Show, NYPD Blue, The Cosby Show, Disney’s “Walk the Prank!”, The Perfect Man, A Cinderella Story, and more to name.

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