WHAT’S HOT, Besides the Weather? by Samantha J. Hallenus

WHAT’S HOT, Besides the Weather? by Samantha J. Hallenus

Most of the folks living in the southern part of the United States are eager for a break from the heat advisories.  We can take a well-deserved break and focus on the HOT picks and HOT rookies that will hit the fields for our regional professional football teams.  Many of us will spend time in the air-cooled stadiums, sports bars, or our homes watching our televisions. When it comes to hotness and being a contender in your fantasy football team, look to Saints Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Drew Brees, and Jared Cook to rack up the points for you.  Houston’s top fantasy football is pick Lamar Miller.  

In terms of New Orleans, rookies with potential include: Running Back, Devine Ozigbo who converted for a touchdown with backup Quarterback, Taysom Hill, LineBacker, Kaden Ellis who is leading the way for the team with tackles, and Wide Receiver, Deonte Harris who is making a statement with his statistics in pre-season games with return yards.  There is much to look forward to despite the loss of some beloved players over the off-season. The Saints fans are also encouraged by backup Quarterback Hill with his ability to convert in the air and on the ground through his athleticism. 

While New Orleans remains excited about the Superbowl potential for this year’s team, will the “NO CALL” cloud over the enjoyment for the fans watching the referees call penalties for their team this year.  Will the antics in the stands from the twelfth man show up LOUD & PROUD? Will there be more blown calls on the field due to the ruckus and the bad taste left in the mouths of Saints fans in New Orleans and throughout the country?  Will there be fans who continue the boycott that started with the 2019 Superbowl?

While the “NO CALL” might overshadow part of the season for fans, the Saints did become trailblazers over the off-season and a rule change has been implemented but will it be enough!  So a little about the rule change, it only affects the last two minutes of the game. If a replay official deems a play contains a “clear and obvious visual evidence” that pass interference occurred or did not in the case of it being called, the replay official and that official alone has the power to stop the game in its tracks.

For Houston, there’s a different story that is overshadowing their season.  The ownership has fully transitioned due to the death of Bob McNair. Will the team be affected at all by the change of leadership to Janice McNair and D. Cal McNair?  Only time will tell but the Houston head office did decide to spread out the duties of the General Manager to their other personnel for the foreseeable future. If you are in need of a high paying job with benefits, you may want to become the Texans #1 fan this season.

While Texan fans should be excited about some of the new rookies, Tytus Howard may have been slowed down and might have sustained an injury that will affect his play in the next few weeks.  Texan fans are looking forward to his play in the regular season games and expect big things from him. Max Scharping, rookie Offensive Lineman, is bolstering the Texans line and they have had success in pre-season play with keeping the opposing team’s defense from sacking their Quarter Back.  With more time to make decisions, the Offense will be unstoppable in the 2019-2020 season.

Fans should be able to enjoy a competitive season from both teams.  Las Vegas has odds on the Saints to be favored 10 – 1 and the Texans to be favored 40 – 1.  What are your thoughts on your favorite team? We would like to hear from you. Start a conversation with us.

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